an announcement

A. Taylor Studio is officially up and running!

I am very excited to announce the launch of my creative outlet 
for specifically photography & watercolors.
I wasn't going to include the latter, since I have an interest to develop
my portrait photography into a business - 
but recently I was asked to do a bridal watercolor and it really got me
back into the watercolor and editing workflow. I just love fashion illustrations...always have...
so it was nice to revisit that hobby and I felt that it was just a good thing to include.

The emphasis of A. Taylor Studio is on photography. I love landscape and travel
photography, but I want to improve and learn more about portraits and maybe someday
get into engagement and (maybe!?) wedding photography. It is a highly competitive industry,
but for now, it is such a fun side endeavor for me and I am loving the excitement of it.

here's a sneak peek at some of my work!

follow a. taylor studio's instagram \\ www.ataylorstudio.format.com

ciao!! xo