The wind outside is howling and although it is bright and sunny, the cold makes it feel stark and raw outside. It would pretty much be the perfect day for a fresh manicure, a white Olivia Pope-esque white coat, and a cozy turtleneck to frame a head of freshly-trimmed tresses.

I love this design - it's not new - but its a classic favorite of mine because I love the white, clean look of the toggle coat with the dark and wintry background. Can you seriously go wrong with a look like this? The idea of a white coat is so appealing, yet there are so many things that could go wrong...fuzzballs, coffee stains, and dog hair come to mind.

Anyway...my 'creative' page is newly revamped. I don't have much time these days to shamelessly promote my illustrations but I'm really excited to give you peek at most of my collection. I have this lovely gal on a notepad and its just the cutest little way to scribble down a memo (not to mention, the chicest).

happy weekend, stay warm! ciao, xo


  1. you're so talented! i love the coat too

  2. I love your illustrations! I wanna see more! I really wan't a white coat like this, and yes--so olivia pope-esque! But YES, knowing me, I would get so many stains on it!