november goals

Ah, November! 
The month of chilliness, coziness, family, and turkey.
A new month bringing a new set of goals.

+ Go to yoga 1x/week and continue running - I've sort of stopped. It has just gotten far too cold! I am going to have to start up spin classes or something to keep the movement up, but I'd like to suck it up and run 1x/week as well. A nice 'long' 3 miler or so should do it.

+S comes home! So naturally we have a MILLION things to do on our bucket list in the short 10-day window he is home. That is a separate post in and of itself! Involving lots of fun friend reunions, coffee dates, a turkey bowl, and more. Wishing him a safe and effortless trip home!

+ Shoot another outfit post

+ Bake my annual apple pie(s)

+ Try a new recipe; I'm thinking a soup. Butternut squash or pumpkin chipotle (inspired from this)

+ Stay sane on Black Friday. I usually hate shopping and avoid it at all costs on this day. But I'm being a little selfish this year as there are a lot of things I actually want to buy for myself (hello, Blue Mercury!). I'm almost embarrassed to say that I am really considering splurging on La Mer moisturizer.

+ Stick to my spending plan. See my 4 tips to make your 20-something yuppie wallet a little happier. Not that I know what I'm doing, or anything...

+ Get the ball rolling on grad school. Does waiting back take forever, or does it take forever!? I feel like I missed something...

+ Go somewhere new (or a place I haven't been in a loonggg time). Maybe Boston, NYC, or even a more local spot...

+ Since we have 4 birthdays this month in the family, it'd be nice to have a big family dinner. Perhaps I can organize that at a place we can all agree on.

What are your November goals!?
Ciao, xo!

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  1. I know what you mean with running; when it gets cold I lose the motivation completely to go outside (plus there is no way in hell I am getting on a treadmill) I need to figure some things out haha! I think my big goal for this month is to adhere to the budget that I always set and never follow--especially since we have signed the lease for a house for senior year.

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