going incognito

After a lot of thinking and deep rumination, I've decided to close my blog to the public and go incognito to the rest of the world. It makes the most sense to me at my age and place in the world - a place where oversharing can be very common. It is absurd to want to share my photos and all of the things I do but simultaneously feel very protective of my experiences and images. Not everyone has to see every picture I take or what I look like or where I am. It is simply a matter of privacy. I am so proud of what I have done on my blog over the years, and have absolutely LOVED every moment of it. I think the most important and meaningful aspect has been how I have grown into photography; it started with a camera I bought and didn't even truly understand how to use. Now, I'm an amateur but I know what I am doing. I love photography and the sound of a releasing shutter, the satisfaction of a fantastic shot. I will continue pursuing that over at A. Taylor.

I will not stop blogging - it will just be 'invitation only.' Maybe I will change my mind in the future and 're-open' my blog to the public. I used to worry about my readers' following my blog, when I lost followers, or when my other blogger friends from years past stopped blogging too. At a time when blogging got to me, I even became disenchanted (particularly by high-income fashion bloggers). There are so many people I have "met" through blogging. One time I kept in such close contact with a blogger from Canada - we were internet friends, she had the coolest posts and ideas, and we always were commenting on each others posts - and then suddenly, she vanished. Off the grid - I was so sad, even concerned for her!

I am a bit sad to be writing this, because now I feel like absolutely no one will read what I have to say. So many people that used to read won't even have the chance to. I feel like I am locking myself out, and intentionally secluding myself. My blog, to a degree, has always been a "place" for me...so I don't expect anyone to want to sit here and read this anyway. But I will miss the comments, the sharing, the friends I have made. I have done swaps, started pen pal correspondents, exchanged thousands of emails, won and hosted giveaways - heck, I even won a trip to Europe to be a video blogger for a summer. Blogging is inspiring.

The reason I am sharing this is because I wanted to offer some time for you to email me or comment if you want to be on the invited reading list. When I close the blog publicly, you will still be able to read my blog as long as I get your email right. I will be posting regularly and continuing my love for photography - I don't think I'll be giving that up anytime soon!!

ciao! xo

email: bloganticipation (at) gmail.com

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