february goals

Can you believe February is almost here?! Already into chapter 2 of 2015...amazing. I am looking forward to a lot this month, including a lot of health goals I am setting for myself. This winter I am finding (much to my liking!) that I have a lot of me time. I am being responsible with balancing work and being 'productive,' plus a few fun things here and there. January was great - lots of yoga, spending smart, the Downton premiere, a day trip, plus some new interior changes which have felt like a breath of fresh air!

february goals

  • top priority: running 3x a week and other small workouts in between, including vinyasa classes and maybe barre. I am almost ashamed of how relaxed I have been when it comes to working out. If I were to get together with myself now and a me back from September, the September-me would disapprove of my hiatus from running. SO - in the spirit of starting fresh, April & Mary and I (two blog friends from years back!) are going to be cheering each other on as we work on our personal health goals.
  • Devote more time branching out with blogging. I want to get in touch with so many new or recent bloggers I've discovered - gotta get the emails rollin!
  • Shoot a few more wintry-themed style posts while I can! I'll aim for 3-4 more between February and March. Expect one very soon, actually! 
  • Save $$. I am in the process of planning a trip in April and I want to save up, keeping this big trip in mind. I want to limit purchases to cash...when possible. 
  • Stick to the skin routine. I have posted about it before, and I still feel a little self conscious about this - but my skin went through a lot in 2014! I have been SO happy and comfortable "in my own skin," not to be cliche. But I am. I have established a much better and healthier routine to help this, and I want to keep it up. 
  • Limit the take out and ordering out for dinner to once a week. I have gotten better in January about making dinners at home. HOWEVER, I usually just fall back on the easiest and most delicious thing I can make: pasta. Penne with pesto, chicken noodle soup, gnocchi...sigh. It is all so delicious (see next bullet*). I want to be a little more creative in the cooking department, without spending too much money and definitely without relying on take out like I have done in the past. Some ideas I have in mind already: chicken fajitas, breakfast for dinner, spinach soup, salads (ugh) and maaaaaybe even veggie bowls, I don't know. I just need to back off the pasta.
  • Pasta only 1x per week. Deal with it. Plan accordingly.*

what are some goals you're setting yourself for February!?
Ciao e buon Febbraio!! xo

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