a collaboration

two things that get me excited: double-shots of espresso and the buzzing potential of a cool collaboration!

Blog talk is exciting, because there are so many possibilities - but when you can work with someone else who is just as excited? well, that's when my sparks really start to fly. One of my oldest friends and I got together over the summer and had that amazing "wait, you like to blog too!?" conversation, and that's where all this talk of a collaboration began. The anticipation is getting me so inspired and giddy. I love and thrive in this intimate and bright working atmosphere with a jolt of some caffeinated goodness.

SO, not to give too much away, but look for a collaboration in the next few weeks with Cleo. Check out her blog over thisssssaway! 

ciao, xo

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  1. Sounds exciting just reading about it! :)