The other week I started a new thing I'm calling 'currently,'
a post where I jot down all of the current favorites/thoughts/challenges going on in my life.
today the lovely Jenna from Dearest Love and Samantha from Elah Tree are sharing their lists with me.


addicted to:  Coffee, Coffee, and more coffee. 

smelling: The roses from my garden. The rainy weather has done a little bit of damage to my fragile rose bush, but I clipped a couple of stems so that I can enjoy their scent while blogging or watching tv. 

thinking about Everything I want to do this summer--travel, organize, exercise, spend time with friends. 

looking forward to: Working freelance for some local flower shops and floral design studios. So excited to see where this new hobby takes me!

feeling grateful forMy husband and all of the little things he does for me each and every day. He also puts up with my messy self without much complaint.

loving the colorGreen. The shade that is only slightly bluish. 

wearing a lot of: Jeans and flowy shirts. So easy to wear!

wishing i could wear a lot more ofShorts. Oh, how I wish I could feel comfortable in them. 

tempted by: Freshly baked cookies. They are my absolute weakness, y'all. 

 dreaming to go to:  Greece. I'll be there in one month! 


cooking bbq salmon burgers and they are amazing! I made some a couple of weeks ago and I plan on making them a couple more times. So good that it is kind of mind blowing.

reading Blog Life and really loving it. I'm not just saying that. It is really good, full of great advice, encouragement, and personal stories.

wearing shorts and t-shirts, oh and skirts and tanks. Hello summer!

loving my husband. He is the most amazing man! He is encouraging, supportive, kind, and makes me laugh! He is amazing at dropping things on his list to help me with mine.

listening to our Rend Collective station on Pandora which is one of my favorite stations. If you don't have a Rend Collective station on Pandora you should. Stop what you are doing right now and go make one.

excited to go to my brothers basic training graduation! Georgia here I come! 

watching Bones. That is actually really random for me, because I usually don't watch those types of shows. But my mom mentioned she was watching it so I looked it up on Hulu and I've been watching a few. It's not to bad.

eating lots of ice cream. Mini Magnum almond bars to be exact. 

trying to work out more. Slowly working it into my morning routine. 

 - - -

thank you ladies! ciao, xo


  1. Thanks so much for having me, Taylor! I loved reading Samantha's. I, too, am trying to work out more! I've just gotta make it a habit. And bbq salmon burgers? Yum!

  2. Love it! And getting to know some other great bloggers is always a plus!