blurry scenes from a winter drive

Yesterday was the winter solstice. We caught a brilliant sunset on a country drive, just S and me on our way for some last-minute Christmas shopping. It was a lovely, sunny day - and it seemed to be just us on the road - we even saw a hot air balloon! I am so glad my camera was with me. With it I was even able to get a glimpse of Bowman's Tower, which I should write about in a separate post because it is so cool. It was used in the days of the American Revolution. From the top, you can see beautiful vistas of the Delaware and into New Jersey.

Now that S has been back {which feels like forever, a good thing always} we have gotten so back on our track and traditions...tonight we are celebrating again with a dinner, just us, at a tavern nearby. All the festivities have put me so much into the Christmas mood. I have all of my wrapping done and all that is left is to finish the planning a little shindig on Christmas Eve. I'm in charge of the mulled wine (any tips much appreciated!)

enjoy your Monday! ciao, xo

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