+ been doing lots of at-home yoga poses. yoga is life.
+ the lights are up, on, and the christmas tree is next. hello, fresh pine smell :)
+ i have missed my computer for what has felt like AGES. it has been somewhere in Apple world getting fixed...
+ and thank goodness I have it back!
+ thinking about signing up for Barre classes. have you ever done it? thoughts?
+ latest obsession: cowl neck sweaters, air popped popcorn, fireplaces.
+ craving the feeling of going on a trip: but where? we have been throwing summer ideas around...
some of which include a pacific coast road trip, london, who knows!
+ i feel like I am always in the mood for sushi lately. and veggie gyoza.
+ I got one of these and i'm not sure if I'm impressed with it yet..
+ I have purchased only four christmas gifts so far. ahhh.

That was my lazy non-sentence way of summing up life for you right now. It's true, I am procrastinating big time but in a way I know that I'll do it way later.  Is everyone excited for Christmas?!? I am. The songs on the radio did a good job to get me in the spirit today - I was on my way back from the Apple Store to pick up my dead computer, which they revived. Thank goodness. I have seriously missed my little mac book, but was extremely disappointed that the cables inside or something fried and died and needed repair (and it is just over a year old). Sigh. Anyway, all is well, and I feel jolly and happy knowing that in just two short weeks we will be on break again, with lots of family and holiday time for relaxing.

happy beginning-of-the-week. ciao, xo!


  1. I have been doing a lot of at-home yoga too. There are so many great yoga videos online, there's really no need to have to pay for yoga classes. I haven't taken a barre class specifically, but I do take ballet class twice per week and we do a lot of ballet barre exercises. Definitely a good workout!

    PS: I love the first picture of the wet berries! So pretty and festive.

    1. thanks laurie! I do both yoga in and out of the house - i love it all :) ballet sounds like it is awesome. it is indeed such a hard workout.