christmas at home: part 2.

Another happy Christmas has come and gone - it is hard to believe. I've always felt a tang of disappointment seeing the gigantic 364 on our 'days til Christmas' chalkboard, as opposed to the excitement of single digits..

Christmas in our household was so relaxed, thank heavens. Everyone took their normal positions around the tree - I always go to the left, it has always been that way - and we watched A Christmas Story on repeat and took our time getting the food ready. My roasted veggies were a hit, I'm not sure why everyone likes them so much! They are nothing compared to my sister's famous mashed potatoes. We set the table and used the pretty red and green chargers, and enjoyed so much food and dessert that it was almost obscene for just the immediate family. So obscenely good! 

I can't wait for next year's magical Christmas morning. :)
ciaoo! xo


  1. Beautiful photos! That brownie looks amazing--and so jealous of your snow!! And we were also have a relaxed Christmas watching A Christmas Story---such a classic!

  2. Gorgeous photos!! I especially love that top one of the tree! So magical.

  3. I don't know what you're talking about, I want to pull that pan of veggies through the screen they look so delicious! Glad everyone liked them!