insta-lately (and insta-analysis)

can we have an instagram talk?
i struggle with choosiness on instagram…i have said this before, i think i am a snob. 
there are certain pictures i just don't post. perhaps i should.
i am so inspired by some amazing accounts…like kat in nyc, folk magazine, and inhonorofdesign
just to name a FEW. there are so many more out there that i really do love.
anyway, my first instagram conundrum is that i don't think i have good balance.
there really are too many coffee pictures. 
not enough people pictures. 
my second conundrum is…
i don't instragram too much on a daily basis and i always feel that when i do, it has to be perfect.
 i am so weird.
do you also over think your instagrams? or am i just crazy?
i think i am just crazy. anyway. 

that rant was really unnecessary.

ciao! xo


  1. I'm the same way! Sometimes I want to go through and delete photos because when I look at them as a whole, I don't like the way they're arranged (subject matter, color, etc.). It's so silly! I wish I wasn't so picky.

  2. i used to overthink my instagrams and was super picky but now i just seem to go with the flow. i love your pictures. the one with the house with the windows lit up is beautiful!