pines and a trench sketch

Sketching by the Christmas tree might be my favorite thing ever…
The smell is so nice, and I have some still life to paint from! 
I sketched and edited these doodles on my much-enjoyed snow day yesterday
It snowed dumped about 4 inches in a whole afternoon. It was beautiful! All white.
I was kept happy with tea and fun snow days snacks,
 but was quite annoyed that the all-day weather forecast
kept me from seeing the cast of Downton Abbey on Good Morning America…grrr.
I even angry-tweeted my dumb local news channel. I don't think they got it :P
Anyway, it was a nice day. As I type this I am crossing my fingers for a delay tomorrow!

anyway…happy Wednesday, all! ciao xo


  1. What an awesome illustration! I love it! I've been an artist forever, but never really honed in on one medium or subject matter. But I started doing digital illustrations and more fashion-inspired sketches and I just love it! Especially how I can incorporate everyday items and my own style into it! You did a great job. Glad I stumbled across your blog!
    Lauren M
    Make it a Double

  2. Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous :) Beautiful


  3. This is beautiful! You're so talented, Taylor. Oh my goodness, I completely missed the GMA segment with Downton Abbey. Maybe it's somewhere online? I hope!

  4. Taylor... you're fantastically talented. I love your illustrations. :)