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Green Line is a cute little cafe that has multiple locations in Philly - I've only been to the corner store right in center city. What immediately struck me about Green Line was the kindness and coolness of the barista behind the counter - he was awesome. It's a delightful little stop to make while you're in the midst of your walnut street shopping. :) The people and the organic feel of the place is what makes it so appealing to me. I have to try their other locations - I'd love to go sip a cup while a live band is playing. swoon! Is it my absolute favorite ever coffee? Maybe not, but the cute little neighborhood corner location is perfect for grabbing a quick latte. And it's also around the corner from here ;)

Green Line Cafe
15th and Moravian
Center City, Philadelphia, PA


  1. I love these pictures you took! Sounds like a wonderful place. I used to love spending time at coffee shops in downtown SF. People watching and sipping coffee go hand in hand.

    Just found your blog and I'm glad I did :) I really like it! I'm now following you on GFC, Bloglovin, and Pinterest.

    xo Azu


  2. Sounds amazing! I love your coffee diaries... we should meet up sometime at one of them!

  3. nice post !!!

    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes, let me know when you follow me & i´ll follow back :)



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